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I pin spatial Ruler

by Ossama Masood
I pin spatial Ruler

I pen spatial ruler renovating your living room and purchasing new furniture can be a challenging especially.  When you are not friends with taint measure. The eye pin spatial ruler now it is the sides of a headphone jack.  It actually is a headphone jack with a little laser ball right on top.

I pens want you to get it right and for that purpose, the company developed eye pin spatial ruler the first calculating gadget for your Smartphone.

In order to determine to push the gadget into the earphone jack and run the application on your iPhone. It stills work to pick up calls when you are not using it to assess turn your iPhone sideways and see how the laser lens of the ruler is parallel to the back side of the phone.

Then just point the red laser dot on any object. You want to assess or find out the range to an. An instant measurement made possible through a laser-guided photography and an accurate spatial calculation technology.

Once an initial picture has been taken the spatial ruler’s app will let you reposition the dots to guess the size of an object in a scene and of course you can share the outcomes of calculations with another user, for example, a future designer of your living room.

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