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This Pakistani scientist makes us proud by inventing a bionic chip

by Sadia Liaqat

Dr. Naveed Sayed, running within the college of Calgary’s Hotchkiss mind Institute has created the neurochip. through inventing a Bionic chip, he allows us to apprehend a communique between a human tissue and a digital tool.

The Professor defined the concept that the concept of human mechanization is continually trending between medical and non-clinical communities all around the global. The hybrid of a person and a robotic is a captivating concept which is going to be materialized soon. A bionic robot can emerge as an opportunity. Scientists have worked their manner into fusing mind cells with a silicon microchip. that is a big scientific breakthroughindeed.
Dr. Naveed said that:

“It used to be like seeing two humans talking at a distance… You didn’t recognize what they had been announcing or maybe what language they had been speak mehowever now it’s like putting a microphone beside them”.

moreoverthe electrical signaling in mind cells may be studied in detail with this era. The mind cell pastime can be studied in detail now. all of the effects and findings can then be saved in a database for in additional research.

This contribution to technology is indeed a marvelous one as Dr. Naveed Syed has made us all proud in Pakistan through contributing not handiest to the field of clinical research however additionally advances our medical and pharmaceutical industries.

The inventor expressed his happiness at the achievement saying:

lots of people nevertheless assume bionics is technology fiction. It’s not. It’s already here.”

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